August 30, 2022

Meet Team ONEBURRIS: Kevin Rich

Kevin Rich, Chief Information Security Officer.

ONEBURRIS was created by Burris Logistics CEO Donnie Burris. The idea started as a way to unite Burris Logistics, Trinity Logistics, and Honor Foods under one purpose to best serve our Partners. Each of these brands operates individually to foster their entrepreneurial spirits, but they are ultimately well connected through the ONEBURRIS initiative of supporting each other.

Speaking of support, our company’s mantra is “Team before Self”; and without our incredibly dedicated Team Members, the ONEBURRIS initiative could not have come to life. In addition to our talented operational Teams at each brand, there are dozens of admins responsible for creating solutions across all three. We sat down with Burris Logistics’ Chief Information Security Officer, Kevin Rich, to hear about his experience being a part of #TeamONEBURRIS.

Q: Why did you decide to join #TeamONEBURRIS?

A: I have worked in information security since the very early days of the 90s. Early on, I worked for a consulting firm, then I went on to create, buy, and sell multiple security businesses, and in my previous role at another company, I was Burris Logistics’ Account Executive. I loved working with Burris and really admired the culture here. I had already established a great relationship with Ed Krupka, who went on to become my boss instead of the customer! It’s awesome being a part of a Team where you know that leadership and board members have your back.

Q: Tell us more about your position.

A: As Chief Information Security Officer, I am tasked with securing the information assets of Burris Logistics. I have my hand in a lot of different projects, depending on the need. My Team and I design programs, policies, and processes for safeguarding our assets, and we also help educate Team Members on using these practices. One thing about Information Security is that it’s always changing- so we are constantly evolving and innovating to support our risk-based approach.

Q: Why is cybersecurity important in logistics?

A: Aside from its obvious overall importance in protecting our company and Teams’ data and information, it’s especially important in logistics because we provide essential services to people, like food and medical deliveries. If these kinds of services are delayed due to a security breach, it can really disrupt people’s lives. Our Partners also make huge decisions based on a trust that Burris will get their product where it needs to go, on time. That is why we proactively take a risk-based approach to our security so that we can avoid unexpected disruptions that will negatively affect our customers, Partners, Team Members, and business.

Q: What do you love to spend your time doing outside of work?

A: I like to say that I was born a geek. My dad was a ham radio operator since the 50’s and exposed me to it as a young child, which really ignited my interest in technology. Since then, I’ve been active in amateur radio and have made contacts all over the world. I’ve even bounced signals off the moon to communicate across the globe! But my favorite thing in the world is spending time with my grandbabies. My wife of 41 years and I love to have lunch with them, explore outside, and just try new things! They enjoy playing outside, and my wife and I have always loved the outdoors; in our free time, we like to go hiking and camping. I’ve recently also been super interested in gardening. I think I even want to run a plant nursery after I retire!

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