Michael Cupertino

Michael is the Director of Operations for the Iowa Regional Service Center (RSC). He has been with the company for five years and has worked up the ranks. 

Michael Cupertino started as a Pricing Analyst at Trinity Logistics in Seaford. Michael was promoted to Director of Operations for the Iowa Regional Service Center (RSC) most recently. “Five years ago, I moved from Wisconsin to Delaware to continue my career at Trinity Logistics,” remembers Cupertino. “It felt like a risk, but it’s more than paid off.”

An interesting fact about Mike is that he met his wife in 5th grade when he picked her to be on his team for summer basketball camp. He loves hanging out with his kids, cooking, reading, and having interesting conversations. Mike’s favorite sports teams are the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Bucks, and Milwaukee Brewers. 

Mike enjoys most of the benefits that Burris Logistics offers. The two that stand out are: 

“The culture and working for something bigger than yourself. When you’re able to work with people that you enjoy being around it makes the good times even better and the difficult times easier to handle. In addition, Burris does an amazing job at providing resources for their team members. Providing leadership courses, on-the-job training, or reimbursement for further education/degrees, they want to see their people do bigger and better things. Finally, it’s the ability to be proud of where and who I work for. There’s an onus on doing things the right way, not necessarily being the biggest but being the best. I truly have appreciated my time here and my growth has been in no short due to the culture I’ve been a part of.”

“All of the above has had a positive impact on me and my family. Firstly, after moving to Delaware, I was fortunate enough to start a family with my wife. We had two kids, and part of that was being stable both mentally and financially; my career at Burris afforded that. The next huge impact was the ability to move back to the Midwest to be closer to extended family. The training provided, both in leadership and job functionality, allowed me to accept a new position in our Iowa Regional Service Center and be significantly closer to where I grew up. I know that doesn’t happen at every company, and I truly appreciate my time so far at Burris. I don’t see the end approaching anytime soon.”